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Whenever someone tells me that they are getting married, I get goose bumps - because omigosh - weddings are SO exciting!!
Definitely imagine me all giddy & goose-pimply right now - CONGRATULATIONS!


Your wedding promises to be one of the best & most magical days of your life. You’ll pick out a stunning dress, carry elegant flowers, meet the man of your dreams at the end of the aisle, and party the night away with your closest friends & family. As wonderful and fabulous as your wedding day will be – it will also be one other thing that most people don’t count on – lightning fast. From the moment you wake up, your day will whirl by at break-neck speed until you blink your eyes and it’s over. I can say that from personal experience, because my wedding day disappeared in a matter of moments. Oh-so-quickly it was gone.

And that’s where I come in. I want to be there for you to capture all of the special moments – and most importantly: the moments in between the moments. The happy & excited glances, the jitters & nerves, the tears of happiness (and not just your tears, but your parent’s tears, your Grandma’s tears, & your best friend’s tears), and your glorious celebration at the end of the night. I want to be there to capture it all for you – so that when you day whizzes by & your cake is eaten, your dress is stored away, and your flowers dry-out, you’ll still have your memories of the beautiful moments that made up your wedding day to pass down to your daughter & your granddaughters. Because that's what it's all about: preserving your legacy of love!

Wedding Pricing

Unless you're in a huge hurry, no one wants to pick up the pre-packaged, probably-been-sitting-there-for-2-hours, just-so-so breakfast sandwiches at Sheetz. I for sure don't! I want a fully customized breakfast delight, created hot & fresh, right then & there, just for me.

Your wedding photography should be the same way.
My "packages" are totally customizable - mix & match to create the wedding photography "package" of your dreams!

Options include time on your wedding day, an engagement session, a second-shooter, and heirloom albums. And rest assured, every single wedding I photograph receives a beautiful, shareable digital gallery.

My brides & grooms spend an average of $3,000 on their wedding photography.

Use the button below to send me a message & I'll happily send you over my full pricing guide (and hopefully, we can set up a time to grab some coffee & talk about all-the-wedding-things)!

How I Approach

A Wedding Day

My Philosophy ..

When I was 3 years old, I was given my first major job: I was asked to be the flower girl in my Uncle & Aunt's wedding. On their big day, during family formals, their wedding photographer asked me to stand up on the stage, by myself, so he could take a portrait of me. I was so shy that I retreated behind my Mom, shaking my head. My Mom knelt down to talk to me: I would go up on the stage with her & my Dad, but never alone.

And thus began a mini battle between the wedding photographer and my 3-year-old self. I remember him pushing & pleading and everyone else joining in and begging me to go up on the stage for a picture. I don't know how long the process lasted, but in my little 3-year-old memory, it was forever. Finally, my Mom walked me upto the stage & stepped out of the frame just long enough for me to have one photo taken.

I remember the whole process quite vividly and remember being so shy & scared & embarrassed. With that experience burned in my memory, I approach a wedding day quite differently. I want to photograph your wedding as natural, organic, and "unscripted" as possible. I want to make sure that you, your family, and your friends are 100% at ease. Yes, I will give you some guidance thru different poses, but I want you to fill in the blanks so that the images from your wedding day are 100% authentically you. And, if your flower girl is too shy to have a portrait taken by herself, I promise not to force her.


And Kind Words

Get To Know

The Girl Behind The Camera!

Let’s Take This One Step Further!

It would be so much fun to grab a cup of coffee with you & celebrate in person! I'd love to set up a time to meet with you & your fiance, hear all about how you met & fell in love, what your wedding plans are, how you envision your big day unfolding, and seeing if I might be a good match as your wedding photographer!